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Main Additions

  • Major bandwidth usage reductions
  • Ability to replace ped models
  • Ability to replace weapon models
  • Threaded database access functions
  • Custom weapon stats
  • Synced and controllable vehicle variants
  • Improved bullet accuracy synchronization


New Functions

New Events

  • None yet


  • Major reduction in download when playing
  • Ability to replace ped models
  • Ability to replace weapon models
  • Added anisotropic filtering option
  • Added grass toggle option
  • Fixed long vehicles controlled by remote clients sometimes shake weirdly
  • New client command 'serial' to get ones serial
  • Added 'showcol' command to see colshapes if setDevelopmentMode is set
  • New map image in F11
  • Added opacity keys to radar map and reduced its memory usage
  • Improved bullet accuracy synchronization


New Functions

New Events


  • Major reduction in bandwidth upload usage
  • Updated createResource and Fixed copyResource
  • Added basic backup of some server files
  • Added option to log database queries to a file
  • Added reconnect option to redirectPlayer
  • Synchronized vehicle variants
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • Added glitch "highcloserangedamage" to enable/disable extreme close range damage to the glitch functions.
  • Added 'enablesd' server option for competitive gamemodes
  • Various resource optimizations
  • Threaded pure sync to reduce lag in busy servers
  • Upgraded Raknet and sqlite


  • Scoreboard updated to use dxscoreboard resource
  • Parachute and scoreboard have been optimized
  • Added fastrope resource


  • None yet
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