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A quick tutorial on how to get admin rights and install admin resource.

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MTA 1.0.0 and lower

To add an account in MTA 1.5 use the following command in the server

addaccount <username> <password>

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: Server should not be running when you are editing the acl file below

Then you open the acl.xml file located in the same folder and add yourself as an object to the Admin group by using the 'user.*' syntax, where * would be your account name.

    <!-- The Admin group can do anything --> 
    <group name="Admin">
        <acl name="Moderator" />
        <acl name="SuperModerator" />
        <acl name="Admin" />
        <acl name="RPC" />
        <object name="user.lil_Toady" />
        <object name="resource.admin" />

Now open your mtaserver.conf file and scroll to the bottom, make sure the admin resource is added to the ones that start with the server (note: protected="1" means that it can not be stopped).

    <resource src="admin" startup="1" protected="0">  <!-- This is -->
    <resource src="helpmanager" startup="1" protected="0">
    <resource src="mapcycler" startup="1" protected="0">
    <resource src="mapmanager" startup="1" protected="0">

Now that you're done with server files, you can finally start it. Connect to the server itself and login with your account details: use 'login [username] <password>'. If it tells you to press 'p' you have done everything right, congratulations! If not, do this from the very beginning.