Changes in 1.3.5

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Main Additions / Changes

  • Huge code cleaups / optimizations
  • Improved performance browser
  • Improved mathematical precision for client and syncing
  • Bullet sync for sniper rifle


Scripting: New functions



  • None yet

Shared (Client & Server side)

Scripting: New Events



  • None yet

Scripting: Changes, Bugfixes and Additions


Client: Additions

  • Added online help option for timed out error codes
  • Added more on-line help for in-game error messages
  • Added virus help messages to the loader
  • Added helpful messages for some crash types
  • Added upgrade message to uninstaller
  • Added disk space checks

Client: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed an issue when client runs with reduced mathematical precision compared to the server
  • Fixed problem with network floaters
  • Fixed escape key issue
  • Fixed ped Z position being sometimes out of sync
  • Fixed timeout problem with some gta_sa.exe's
  • Fixed exploding vehicle causing issue with player death
  • Fixed some GUI crashes
  • Fixed client Lua crash
  • Fixed launch crash
  • Fixed crash caused by a custom model restoring conflict somewhere
  • Fixed a bug when throwing grenade could cause crash
  • Fixed onClientElementStreamOut crash
  • Fixed graphics driver crash bug
  • Fixed another graphics driver crash bug
  • Fixed crash in loader
  • Fixed crash caused by element attachment problem somewhere
  • Fixed GUI skin change crash
  • Fixed depth buffer access (while antialiasing on) messing up screen output
  • Fixed getting wrong CJ clothes when spawning
  • Fixed problems with unicode install paths
  • Fixed problem of missing GTA language files
  • Fixed an issue when several vehicle colours result into black ones
  • Fixed damage proof boats still taking collision damage
  • Fixed vehicle color desync caused by setting paintjob
  • Fixed country rifle not inflicting damage without aiming
  • Fixed crouch roll glitch
  • Fixed a cursor alpha issue
  • Fixed ped attached objects sliding when ped walks on slopes
  • Fixed Intel clipping issues
  • Fixed engineLoadTXD and engineReplaceModel not properly closing invalid files
  • Fixed progress spinner not showing when server is using latency reduction
  • Fixed network trouble message causing WSOD when server is using latency reduction
  • Fixed progress spinner not showing when processing downloaded client files
  • Fixed Windows "Not responding" warning when client is busy
  • Fixed a bug when player could not enter any vehicle after trying to enter a vehicle in water
  • Fixed gta_sa.exe not generating correctly
  • Fixed custom binds not saving properly
  • Fixed a startup freeze
  • Sped up engineGetVisibleTextureNames
  • Made glitches more compatible with latency_reduction mode
  • Improved bad install path detection on client launch
  • Improved client error messages
  • Tweaked client launcher trouble detection
  • Updated anti-virus detection
  • Unicode support for file paths


Server: Additions

  • Added 2 special detections - Details: mtaserver.conf -> enablesd
  • Added option to enable optimized vehicle parts state sync - Details: r6107
  • Added server option to log loadstring calls
  • Added option to compact internal databases
  • Added option to automatically update minclientversion - Details: minclientversion_auto_update
  • Added thread performance stats
  • Added server stats for RPC packets
  • Added server stats for usage of event and element data names
  • Updated performance stats to include open file count

Server: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed server stalls caused by open ports tester and master server announcer
  • Fixed several server crashes
  • Fixed killPlayer crashing server
  • Fixed a server exit crash
  • Fixed server crash during shutdown
  • Fixed server crash when calling setControlState with a ped
  • Fixed server --maxplayers command line argument not working as advertised
  • Fixed includes failing when a resource changes
  • Fixed bug when player could not walk sideways while aiming with latency_reduction enabled
  • Fixed unnecessary syncing of attached marker positions
  • Fixed synced health and armor values so the fractional part is more consistent
  • Fixed vehicle wheel states not syncing properly
  • Tided server account handling
  • Tweaked server performance stats output
  • Improved mtasa:// protocol typo handler
  • Reduced memory usage for database query results
  • Removed sqlite external dependency


  • [admin] Added some anticheat info
  • [admin] Fixed problems with certain player names
  • [race] Fixed rankingboard bug
  • [freeroam] Fixed vehicle command issue
  • [fastrope] Fixed being able to fall from super high and not get hurt
  • [parachute] Optimized resource - Details: r966, r979, r980, r982
  • [parachute] Reduced server CPU and bandwidth usage
  • [parachute] Fixed some parachute stuff not working


  • Added support for hardcoded fileCopy function

Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and Google Code repositories:

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