Changes in 1.5.5

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Main Additions / Changes

  • Fixed a couple of crashes
  • Updated dependencies
  • Upgraded build tools and migrated to a Docker-based environment (now, we have support for VS2017 and GCC-6)
  • Code cleanups




Shared (Client & Server side)


Client: Additions

  • Added 'localhost' to the hardcoded CEF whitelist
  • Enabled setPedStat for client side peds
  • Added black outline option for chat text
  • Added support for more gta_sa.exe variants

Client: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed getHeliBladeCollisionsEnabled accepting incorrect arguments
  • Fixed effect sounds playing at the wrong position (thanks to ZRec)
  • Fixed swapped color channels in browsers on Intel integrated graphics
  • Changed camera mode used for vehicle targets (for setCameraTarget)
  • Fixed setObjectBreakable not properly working with melee
  • Tweaked layout of chatbox settings
  • Added chatbox positioning settings
  • Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle during freefall preserves falling animation (#9381)
  • Fixed some tasks not being cleared if ped is warped to passenger seat
  • Fixed water jump animation remaining after warp
  • Fixed radio name not always showing
  • Improved disconnect time duration text
  • Improved client connecting through firewalls
  • Improved netcode
  • Fixed FOV setting not updating
  • Fixed spectate camera movement malfunctioning with vehicles with adjustable property (#5306)
  • Fixed crash when removing child elements during events
  • Fixed famous crash at offset 0x003F18CF
  • Updated CEF
  • Fixed aircraft engine sounds being missing sometimes
  • Fixed vehicle gear sounds being broken while sitting as passenger (#9681)
  • Fixed memory leak and crash in password functions
  • Fixed a new crouchbug variant
  • Added some missing translations (thanks to Sergeanur)


Server: Additions

  • Added password append option to authserial command

Server: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Hide account passwords from logs when using the /addaccount command
  • Censored onClientConsole for login command


Shared: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Migrated from OpenSSL to mbedtls
  • Initial work on macOS server support


  • Updated ipb resource to 0.3 (includes code cleanups, tweaked GUI layout and client performance stats)
  • Modernised play gamemode
  • Fixed fast-flying glitch with hydra/hunter/jetpack on custom gravity (freeroam)
  • Added support for hex colors to killmessages (thanks to AboShanab)
  • Tweaked realdriveby a lot (thanks to emre1702)
  • Tweaked admin report system (thanks to Dezash)
  • Fixed warping to interiors on foot (freeroam)
  • Added support for hex colors to joinquit
  • Added support for blowing off heads (headshot)
  • Fixed admin bugs: spectating players in another int/dimension, 'Ban serial/IP' GUI polished (admin)
  • Optimized the Freeroam codebase to improve performance and usage & fixed various bugs in the process (freeroam)
  • Added anti-bothering features to freeroam panel ('disable warp' & 'disable knifing', anti-ram vehicle ghostmode)
  • Fixed player being stuck sometimes when entering interior (interiors)


Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and GitHub repositories: