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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use setElementFrozen instead.

This function freezes (or un-freezes) a pedestrian, meaning they cannot move, jump, aim, shoot, etcetera.


bool setPedFrozen ( ped thePed, bool frozen )

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped whose frozen state will be changed.
  • frozen: A bool value as to whether the ped is frozen or not.


Returns true if the frozen state was set successfully, or false if invalid arguments were passed.


This example adds a 'togglefreeze' console command that lets players alternate their frozen state.

function toggleFreeze ( sourcePlayer )
    local frozen = getPedFrozen ( sourcePlayer )
    setPedFrozen ( sourcePlayer, not frozen )
addCommandHandler ( "togglefreeze", toggleFreeze )

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