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==See Also==
==See Also==
==See Also==
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This function will create a console command and attach it to a function, so that whenever a player or administrator uses the command the function is called.

Multiple command handlers can be attached to a single function, and they will be called in the order that the handlers were attached.


bool addCommandHandler ( string commandName, string handlerFunction )

Required Arguments

  • commandName: This is the name of the command you wish to add. This is what must be typed into the console to trigger the function.
  • handlerFunction: This is the name of the function that you want the command to trigger. This function should take 3 parameters:
player playerSource, string commandName, string args
  • playerSource: The player who triggered the command. If not triggered by a player (e.g. by admin), this will be false.
  • commandName: The name of the command triggered. This is useful if multiple commands go through one function.
  • args: All the characters after the commandName.


Returns true if the command handler was added successfully, false otherwise.


This example defines a command handler for the command createmarker. This will create a red marker at the player who uses it's position.

-- Register the command handler and attach it to the 'consoleCreateMarker' function
addCommandHandler ( "createmarker", "consoleCreateMarker" )
-- Define our function that will handle this command
function consoleCreateMarker ( playerSource, commandName, args )
	-- If a player triggered it (rather than the admin) then
	if ( playerSource )
		-- Get that player's position
		x, y, z = getEntityPosition ( playerSource )
		-- Create a marker at their position
		createMarker ( x, y, z, 0, "checkpoint", 255, 0, 0, 255 )
		-- Output it in the chat box
		outputChatBox ( "You got a red marker", playerSource )

See Also

See Also