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This template is no longer in use as it results in poor readability. This function will attach a scripting function (handler) to a console command, so that whenever a player or administrator uses the command the function is called.

Multiple command handlers can be attached to a single command, and they will be called in the order that the handlers were attached. Equally, multiple commands can be handled by a single function, and the commandName parameter used to decide the course of action.


bool addCommandHandler ( string commandName, function handlerFunction, bool restricted = false )

Required Arguments

  • commandName: This is the name of the command you wish to attach a handler to. This is what must be typed into the console to trigger the function.
  • handlerFunction: This is the function that you want the command to trigger, which has to be defined before you add the handler. This function can take two parameters, playerSource and commandName, followed by as many parameters you expect after your command (see below). These are all optional.
  • restricted: Specify whether or not this command should be restricted by default. Use this on commands that should be inaccessible to everyone as default except special users specified in the ACL (Access Control List). This is to make sure admin commands such as ie. 'punish' won't be available to everyone if a server administrator forgets masking it in ACL. This argument defaults to false if nothing is specified.

Handler function parameters

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player playerSource, string commandName, [string arg1, string arg2, ...] 
  • playerSource: The player who triggered the command. If not triggered by a player (e.g. by admin), this will be false.
  • commandName: The name of the command triggered. This is useful if multiple commands go through one function.
  • arg1, arg2, ...: Each word after command name in the original command is passed here in a seperate variable. If there is no value for an argument, its variable will contain nil. You can deal with a variable number of arguments using the vararg expression, as shown in Example 3 below.
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Returns true if the command handler was added successfully, false otherwise.


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