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{{New feature|3|1.0|
{{New feature|3|1.0|
Returns a [[ban]] pointer if banned successfully, or ''false'' if unsuccessful.
Returns a [[ban]] object if banned successfully, or ''false'' if unsuccessful.

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This function will ban the specified player by either IP, serial or username


ban banPlayer ( player bannedPlayer, [ bool IP = true, bool Username = false, bool Serial = false, 
player responsiblePlayer = nil, string reason = nil, int seconds = 0 ] )

Required Arguments

  • bannedPlayer: The player that will be banned from the server.

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • IP: Will player be banned by IP?
  • Username: Will player be banned by username?
  • Serial: Will player be banned by serial?
Note: to ban by username or serial, verifyserials must be enabled in the server configuration file.
  • responsibleElement: The element that is responsible for banning the player. This can be a player or the root (getRootElement()).
  • reason: The reason the player will be banned from the server.
  • seconds: The amount of seconds the player will be banned from the server for. This can be 0 for an infinite amount of time.


Returns a ban object if banned successfully, or false if unsuccessful.


This example lets a player ban anyone if he has ACL rights.

--Add the "ban" command handler
-- Example with the player
function banPlayerCommand ( theClient, commandName, bannedName, reason )

	-- Give the player a nice error if he doesn't have rights
	if ( hasObjectPermissionTo ( theClient, "function.banPlayer" ) ) then
		--Get player element from the name
		local bannedPlayer = getPlayerFromNick ( bannedName )

		--Ban the player
		banPlayer ( bannedPlayer, theClient, reason )
		outputChatBox ( "ban: " .. bannedName .. " successfully banned", theClient )

		outputChatBox ( "ban: You don't have enough permissions", theClient )

addCommandHandler ( "ban", banPlayerCommand )

-- Example function with the root element. Here you would pass a player element to the function.
function banCheater(theCheater)
	banPlayer(theCheater, getRootElement(), "You are banned because of cheating.")

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