Building MTASA Server on macOS

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Building on Mac OS X

Preparing your system

In order to build the Multi Theft Auto dedicated server, you will have to set up your system with the correct libraries and tools. In order to get these, you will have to install the latest MacPorts release. [1]

Our network module is distributed as a precompiled binary library. The latest version for Mac OS X can be downloaded from our Downloads page on GitHub.

Setting up MacPorts

Since our software relies on a number of well known libraries that are not shipped on a vanilla Mac OS X system, it may be necessary for you to install these first. With the MacPorts software you can easily download and install these libraries, so follow the installation instructions[2] at

After installing MacPorts, you should install the following packages:

  • pcre
  • zlib
  • google-sparsehash
  • curl

To install these packages, use the port install <package> command in your Terminal application. If you are not running as root, you will have to use sudo in front.

Compiling the server

MacPorts installs itself into /opt/local by default, so we will have to pass the appropriate compiler and linker search path flags to the configure command.

autoreconf -fi
CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/local/include" LDFLAGS="-L/opt/local/lib" ./configure
make install

Your vanilla server will now be compiled and installed into the MTA10_Server/output/ directory.

Run the server

Grab the latest from the Downloads page on GitHub and place it in your output directory, install the accounts.xml, mtaserver.conf and acl.xml files into the mods/deathmatch/ directory and grab the latest resources from the multitheftauto-resources project[3]. You can then run your server.

cd MTA10_Server/output