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MTA:SA Version Changelogs
1.0 1.0.0 • 1.0.1 • 1.0.2 • 1.0.3 • 1.0.4
1.1 1.1.0 • 1.1.1
1.2 1.2.0

Main Additions / Changes

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19 New Functions

3 New Events

3 Bug Fixes & Changes


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New Arguments & Parameters

Shared (Client & Server side)

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4 New Functions

  • Add support for Lua os.* functions (GitHub #316 by Dezash)
    • Following os functions have been enabled:
      • os.clock
      • os.difftime
      • os.time
    • Following os functions have been disabled for security reasons:
      • os.execute
      • os.exit
      • os.getenv
      • os.remove
      • os.rename
      • os.setlocale
      • os.tmpname


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17 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • [Added for testing] Fix swimming speed on higher FPS (GitHub #379 by nonamenoname and saml1er)
  • [Added for testing] Fix many collisionless objects (GitHub #378 by samr46)
  • Fix, enable switching weapons while being attached to element (GitHub #533 by CrosRoad95)
  • Using /voiceptt with a custom bind won't crash the client, using /voiceptt without further parameters will toggle voice push-to-talk. (See commit d5e5d46 by botder)
  • Fix client crash for fixVehicle in onClientVehicleCollision (See commit 5c6db96 by botder)
    • Credits to FileEX for providing a temporary fix by disabling the event for blown vehicles (GitHub #600)
  • Added support for planes, trains and boats for onClientVehicleCollision (Fixes GitHub #540, see commit 2017aea by botder)
  • Stream-in an object after attaching if it was streamed-out beforehand (Fixes GitHub #623, see commit 3ab471c by botder)
  • Fix voice freeze (See commit 39c1ba0 by botder)
  • Fix camera object-clipping, melee damage, sniper damage and helicopter blades collision outside map boundaries (Fixes GitHub #407, GitHub #466, GitHub #459, GitHub #647, see commit 6626134 by lopezloo)
  • Update camera target if warping to passenger seat from other vehicle (Fixes GitHub #625, see commit 19cb321 by botder)
  • Moved and restyled language selection to the bottom of the main menu (See commit 6f6b2ed by ccw808)
  • Skimmer high fps fix (GitHub #433 by forkerer)
  • Update frame rate limiter (See commit 98cdd86 and bc94009 by ccw808)
  • Add support for another gta-sa.exe variant to the installer (See commit e829a20 by ccw808)
  • Fix setPedWeaponSlot from 11 to 0 resets goggle effect (Fixes GitHub #579, see commit e356849 by FileEX)
  • Fix wrong value for matchingDimension in onClientMarkerLeave (Fixes GitHub #736, see commit 8f94072 by botder)
  • Fix debug chat movement when changing audio volume (See commit 7febd31 by botder)


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7 Bug Fixes & Changes

1 Vendor Update


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4 Bug Fixes & Changes

2 Vendor Updates


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  • [freeroam] Fixed GUI after destroy vehicle (GitHub #125 by FileEX)

Extra information

More detailed information available on our Mantis Bug Tracker changelog and GitHub repositories: