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Returns an [[IFP]] element if the IFP file loaded, ''false'' otherwise.
Returns an [[IFP]] element if the IFP file loaded, ''false'' otherwise.
{{Tip|If you want to synchronize animations, you can check [[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L2NkQYuLS0YdoHECvxVRMdPBbEgaYUfH ifp_demo]] resource}}

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This function loads an animation library (IFP) file into GTA with a custom block name. All three IFP formats are supported ANPK, ANP2, and ANP3. Unfortunately, GTA 3 animations are not supported, however, you can load GTA:VC IFP files using this function. You don't have to replace any animation to play a custom one, to play a custom animation, load the IFP file using this function, then use setPedAnimation.

If you wish to replace a GTA internal animation with a custom one, you can use engineReplaceAnimation. To unload the IFP file, use destroyElement, restarting or stopping the resource can also unload the IFP file automatically.


ifp engineLoadIFP ( string IfpFilePath, string CustomBlockName )

Required Arguments

  • IfpFilePath: the file path to the IFP file you want to load.
  • CustomBlockName: the new block name for the IFP file. You cannot use the GTA default internal block names.


Returns an IFP element if the IFP file loaded, false otherwise.

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Tip: If you want to synchronize animations, you can check [ifp_demo] resource


Example 1: This example loads a custom IFP file (parkour.ifp), adds a command "animation" that takes 1 parameter as animation name for playing animations within that IFP.

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credits to Paul_Cortez for the IFP file.
parkour.ifp has following animations:


-- you can choose any name you want, do not choose a default GTA:SA block name
local customBlockName = "myNewBlock"

-- load the IFP file
local IFP = engineLoadIFP("parkour.ifp", customBlockName)

-- let us know if IFP failed to load
if not IFP then
    outputChatBox("Failed to load 'parkour.ifp'")

-- execute the command using /animation <NameOfCustomAnimation>
-- for example, /animation CartWheel
function setanimation ( commandName, animationName )
    -- check if IFP file has loaded
    if IFP then
        -- now play our custom animation
        setPedAnimation(localPlayer, customBlockName, animationName)
addCommandHandler ( "animation", setanimation )
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    <info author="Saml1er" version="1.0.0" description="Just a simple test resource for custom ped IFP animations" />
    <file src="parkour.ifp" />
    <script src="client.lua" type="client" />

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