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Checks if the file position is at the end of the file.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Due to underlying C API restrictions this function may return false until an attempt to read further than the end of the file is made.


bool fileIsEOF ( file theFile )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: file:isEOF(...)
Variable: .eof

Required Arguments

  • theFile: A handle to the file you wish to check.


Returns true if the file position of the specified file is at the end of the file, false otherwise.


This example opens the file test.txt and outputs its contents to the console.

local hFile = fileOpen("test.txt", true)       -- attempt to open the file (read only)
if hFile then                                  -- check if it was successfully opened
    local buffer
    while not fileIsEOF(hFile) do              -- as long as we're not at the end of the file...
        buffer = fileRead(hFile, 500)          -- ... read the next 500 bytes...
        outputConsole(buffer)                  -- ... and output them to the console
    fileClose(hFile)                           -- close the file once we're done with it
    outputConsole("Unable to open test.txt")

When you open a file, its file position is set to the beginning of the file. Each call to fileRead or fileWrite moves the position ahead by the amount of bytes that were read/written. This way, by using fileIsEOF you can check if you've passed through the whole file.

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