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{{Server function}}
{{Server function}}
This function will return the [[serial]] of the specified [[ban]] pointer.
This function will return the [[serial]] of the specified [[ban]].

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This function will return the serial of the specified ban.


string getBanSerial ( ban theBan )

Required Arguments

  • theBan: The ban you want to retrieve the serial of.


Returns a string of the serial if everything was successful, false if invalid arguments are specified or if there was no serial specified for the ban.


This example will show the user who banned a player the serial of that banned player.

function banPlayerCommand ( thisPlayer, commandName, bannedName, reason )
    if ( hasObjectPermissionTo ( thisPlayer, "function.banPlayer" ) ) then -- If the command user has the rights
        local bannedPlayer = getPlayerFromNick ( bannedName ) -- Get the ID from the player who gets banned
        if getElementType ( bannedPlayer ) == "player" then -- If it's a player
            local theBan = banPlayer ( bannedPlayer, thisPlayer, reason ) -- Ban the player
            outputChatBox ( "ban: " .. bannedName .. " successfully banned", thisPlayer ) -- Send the banner a succes message
            outputChatBox ( "At Serial: " ..getBanSerial ( theBan ), thisPlayer ) -- And send him the serial of the banned player
        outputChatBox ( "ban: You don't have enough permissions", thisPlayer ) -- If the command user doesn't have the permissions
addCommandHandler ( "ban", banPlayerCommand )

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