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Returns a [[table]] over all the [[ban]] pointers.
Returns a [[table]] of all the [[ban]]s.

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This function will return a table over all the ban values in the server.


table getBans ()


Returns a table of all the bans.


This example lists every ban when somebody types "/bans". WARNING: This will spam chat (for the player that executed the command) if the server has a lot of bans.

function listBans ()
	local bansList = getBans() -- Return a table of all the bans.
	for banID, ban in ipairs ( banList ) do -- For every ban do the following...
		local nick = getBanNick ( ban ) -- Get the IP of the ban
		if nick then
			outputChatBox ( "Ban #" .. banID .. ": " .. nick, source, 255, 0, 0 ) -- Output the ban.
addCommandHandler ( "bans", listBans ) -- Add "/bans" as the trigger for the function.

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