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This function gets the Z ordering value of a blip. The Z ordering determines if a blip appears on top of or below other blips. Blips with a higher Z ordering value appear on top of blips with a lower value. The default value for all blips is 0.


int getBlipOrdering ( blip theBlip )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: blip:getOrdering(...)
Variable: .ordering
Counterpart: setBlipOrdering

Required Arguments

  • theBlip: the blip to retrieve the Z ordering value of.


Returns the Z ordering value of the blip if successful, false otherwise.


function getMyBlip(theBlip)
    local ordering = getBlipOrdering ( theBlip )
    if (ordering) then
        outputChatBox("The following blip has a ordering of "..ordering)

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