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==See Also==
==See Also==
{{Client camera functions}}
{{Client camera functions}}

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This function allows you to get the camera's view mode. This indicates at what distance the camera will follow the player.

  • Note: It currently only returns vehicle view modes


int getCameraViewMode (  )


Returns an int indicating the current camera view mode. Their meanings can be seen below.

  • 0: Bumper
  • 1: Close external
  • 2: Middle external
  • 3: Far external
  • 4: Low external
  • 5: Cinematic


This example tells the player their current camera view when they change it

function onPlayerSpawn ( theSpawnpoint )
    currentCam("fire") -- start a repeating check
addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerSpawn", root, onPlayerSpawn )

function currentCam(key)
   if (getControlState(key)) then
      outputChatBox("Your current cam view is: "..getCameraViewMode()..".")

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