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This function returns the current move state for the specified ped.


string getPedMoveState ( ped thePed )

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped whose move state you want to know


Returns a string indicating the ped's move state, or false if the ped is not streamed in, the movement type is unknown, the ped is in a vehicle or the ped is invalid.

  • stand: The ped is standing still.
  • walk: The ped is walking.
  • powerwalk: The ped is walking quickly.
  • jog: The ped is jogging.
  • sprint: The ped is sprinting.
  • crouch: The ped is crouching still.
  • crawl: The ped is crawling (moving and ducked).
  • jump: The ped is jumping into the air.
  • fall: The ped is falling to the ground.
  • climb: The ped is climbing onto an object.



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