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This function retreives the type of a pickup, either a health, armour or weapon pickup.


int getPickupType ( pickup pickup )        

Required Arguments

  • pickup: The pickup you wish to retrieve the type of


Returns an integer of the type of the pickup, which include:

  • 0: Health pickup
  • 1: Armour pickup
  • 2: Weapon pickup


This example takes a player's money appropriately according to the amount of health he 'buys'.

addEventHandler ( "onPickupHit", root, "onPickupHit" ) --add an event handler for onPickupHit
function onPickupHit ( player ) --when someone hits a pickup
    if getPickupType ( source ) == 0 then --check the type of pickup, if it is a health pickup then
        health = getPickupHealth ( source )
        takePlayerMoney ( player, health ) -- take the player's money according to the amount of hp points in the pickup

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