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This function returns a table of all the compatible upgrades (or all for a specified slot, optionally) for a specifed vehicle.


table getVehicleCompatibleUpgrades ( vehicle theVehicle, [int slot] )

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle you wish to retrieve the list of compatible upgrades of.

Optional Arguments

  • slot: The upgrade slot number for which you're getting the list (from 0 to 16). Compatible upgrades for all slots are listed if this is not specified.


Returns a table with all the compatible upgrades, or false if invalid arguments are passed.


function scriptOnPlayerEnterVehicle ( invehicle, seat, jacked )
  local upgrades = getVehicleCompatibleUpgrades ( invehicle )
  for upgradeKey, upgradeValue in ipairs ( upgrades ) do
    outputChatBox ( getVehicleUpgradeSlotName ( upgradeKey - 1 ) .. ": " .. upgradeValue )
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerEnterVehicle", getRootElement(), scriptOnPlayerEnterVehicle )

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