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This function gets the rotation of a vehicle along the X, Y, and Z axes in degrees.


float float float getVehicleRotation ( vehicle )

Required Arguments

  • vehicle: The vehicle whose rotation you want to retrieve.


Returns three floats indicating the X, Y, and Z rotations of the vehicle in degrees (one float for a variant function), or false if the specified vehicle does not exist.


This example creates a vehicle and gets it's rotation:

local newcar = createVehicle ( 520, 1024, 1024, 1024 ) -- create a Hydra
local rx, ry, rz = getVehicleRotation ( newcar ) -- get the vehicle's x, y, and z rotations and store them in rx, ry, and rz
outputChatBox ( "Current rotation: " .. x .. " " .. y .. " " .. z ) -- output the rotations

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