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This function allows you to retrieve the water level from a certain location. The water level is 0 in most places though it can vary (e.g. it's higher near the dam).

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Some small water areas within parts of the city do not count as water to be used with this function. For example, the shallow water area in Northwest San Fierro.


float getWaterLevel ( float posX, float posY, float posZ [ , bool bCheckWaves = false ] )
float getWaterLevel ( water theWater )

Required Arguments

  • x: The X axis position
  • y: The Y axis position
  • z: The Z axis position


  • theWater: the water element

Optional Arguments

  • bCheckWaves Include the water levels of waves in the ocean, lakes and ...


Returns an integer of the water level if the localPlayer/position is near the water (-3 to 20 on the Z coordinate) else false if there's no water near the localPlayer/position.


This example will tell you what's the water level where the specified player is located.

function scriptGetLevel ( command, playername ) --when getlevel is called
  local thePlayer = getPlayerFromName ( playername ) --get the player from nickname
  if ( thePlayer ~= false ) then --if there is a player from the nickname
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( thePlayer ) -- get his position
    local level = getWaterLevel ( x, y, z )
	  if level then -- if it's not false
        level = z - level -- calculate how far away is he from the water
        outputChatBox( "You are " .. level .. " units away from the water!", source )
	  else outputChatBox ( "There's no sign of water" )
  else outputChatBox ( "Player does not exist" )
addCommandHandler( "getlevel", scriptGetLevel ) -- add a command "getloc" which


Issue ID Description
GH #458 bCheckWaves argument does nothing

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