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This function changes the location of the current stream pointer. Like that you can skip file sections, set the stream pointer to a specific location or head to the end of the file/stream object. Not all stream classes have to support this operation.


int ( int offset, string mode )


  • offset: the amount of bytes that should be used for the seeking operation
  • mode: a specifier that describes where the offset should start at; can be set (beginning of file), cur (current stream offset) or end (end of file/stream)


Returns 0 if the operation was successful, otherwise a non-zero value describing an error. If the operation is not supported by the underlying stream class, it returns false.


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This snippet seeks back to the beginning of the file by going back the current stream pointer byte offset.

local function alternativeFileReset( theFile )
    -- Get the current stream position.
    local streamOffset = theFile.tell();

    -- Check whether this operation is supported.
    if not ( streamOffset ) then
        return false, "not supported";

    -- Reset the file to its beginning. -streamOffset, "cur" );
    return true;

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