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Module info
Name FileSystem
Version 1.3
Author Martin Turski (The_GTA)
Module website Here
Download link Win32 Linux
License none
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Compatible with 1.X

FileSystem is the MTA:Eir file management implementation exported as MTA:BLUE module. It is made for those people who are not satisfied with the standard MTA file functions. Its feature-set covers binary stream writing, directory scanning and path resolution logic. It should satisfy all needs regarding file functionality. The modules' source code is released within the MTA:Eir SVN.

Its documentation can be found here. To find coding examples, browse the individual class methods.

Installing FileSystem into your Server

  • Place the fileSystem*.dll module into your MTA server modules directory
  • Add the module into the mtaserver.conf module loading list (at the bottom of the file)
  • Edit the acl.xml in a way that resources require admin rights to call createFilesystemInterface

System Access Possibilities

  • Accessing whole system
  • Listing and editing all server resources
  • Modifying MTA Server configuration

Be careful how you expose the FileSystem module to your server resources!


To ask questions about this module, report any bugs or just hang around in general, join #mta.recore at

LINUX: The .so module currently has stability issues due to conflicting Lua versions. I am working on resolving these. Until then the module may crash when executing callbacks (namely scanDir or scanDirEx methods).

FileSystem Library Functions

FileSystem Namespace Functions

FileSystem Translator Functions

FileSystem Archive Translator Functions

FileSystem File Functions