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==See Also==
==See Also==
===Marker events===
===Client marker events===
{{Client marker events}}
{{Client marker events}}
===Marker functions===
===Client marker functions===

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This event is triggered when a player leaves the area of a marker created using createMarker.


player leftPlayer, bool matchingDimension
  • leftPlayer: The player that left the marker's area
  • matchingDimension: true if the player is in the same dimension as the marker he left


The source of this event is the marker that the player left.


This example shows a message in the chatbox whenever a player leaves any marker.

function markerLeave ( leavingPlayer, matchingDimension )
    outputChatBox ( getPlayerName(leavingPlayer) .. " left a marker" )

addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerLeave", getRootElement(), markerLeave )

See Also

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