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Dialog-warning.png Warning: In 1.1.x, Destroying the source of this event could crash the server!
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This event is triggered when an element is no longer synced by a player.


player oldSyncer
  • oldSyncer: player element representing the last player who was syncing the element


The source of this event is the element which is no longer synced by a player.


veh = createVehicle(520, 0,0,1) --  create our testing vehicle

function syncStop()
if source == veh then -- check if the element that stopped getting synced was our vehicle
outputChatBox("You stopped syncing the vehicle!!",oldSyncer) -- tell the player he stopped syncing the vehicle ( veh )

addEventHandler("onElementStopSync",getRootElement(),syncStop) --  onElementStopSync, the function syncStop gets called

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