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This event is triggered when a player chats inside the chat box.


void onPlayerChat( player tmpplayer, string message )          


  • player: A player element refering to the player who used the pickup
  • message: A string representing the message typed into the chat


If this event is canceled, the game's chatsystem won't deliver the posts. Use outputChatBox to send the messages then.


This example adds the /me command into the script. For example, if a player called Bob types "me likes pie" in console, it will display "* Bob likes pie" in the chatbox.

addEventHandler ( "onPlayerChat ", getRootElement(), "onPlayerChat" ) -- add an event handler for onPlayerChat
function onPlayerChat ( player, message )
  if ( strtok ( message , 1, 32 ) == "!createhydra" ) then
    x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player )
    createVehicle ( 520, x + 5, y, z )
    outputChatBox("You got a hydra",player)

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