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This event is triggered when a player attempts to connect to the server.


string playerNick, string playerIP, string playerUsername, string playerSerial, int playerVersion
  • playerNick: The player's current nickname.
  • playerIP: The player's current IP.
  • playerUsername: The player's community username.
  • playerSerial: The player's serial number.

Extra parameter from 1.0.2 onwards:

  • playerVersion: The player's MTA version in pure numerical form, e.g. '256' for 1.0, '257' for 1.0.1, etc.

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, the player will be disconnected with an error message saying the reason specified in cancelEvent or "Disconnected: server refused the connection" if none was specified.


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This example cancels connection attempts of people who use the nick "Player" or outputs some data about the connecting player otherwise.

--when a player connects
function playerConnect (playerNick, playerIP, playerUsername, playerSerial, playerVersion)
    if playerNick == "Player" then --check if his nick is "Player"
        cancelEvent(true,"The nick \"Player\" is not allowed, please change it to something else. You can change your nick in Settings menu Multiplayer tab.") --in that case refuse the connection
        --output some data about the player
        outputChatBox (playerNick.." just connected to the server.")
        outputChatBox ("IP: "..playerIP.." Username: "..playerUsername.." Serial: "..playerSerial)

--add the playerConnect function as a handler for onPlayerConnect
addEventHandler ("onPlayerConnect", getRootElement(), playerConnect)

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This example cancels connection if player uses older MTA (older than 1.0.3)

addEventHandler( "onPlayerConnect", getRootElement(),
    function ( _,_,_,_, clientVersion )
        if ( clientVersion < 259 ) then
            cancelEvent( true, "Update your MTA before you join this server!" );

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