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Sets the current animation of a player or ped. Not specifying the type of animation will automatically cancel the current one.

[[|link=]] Warning: The animation will be cancelled if you use setElementFrozen on the ped.


bool setPedAnimation ( ped thePed [, string block = nil, string anim = nil, int time = -1, bool loop = true, bool updatePosition = true,
                       bool interruptable = true, bool freezeLastFrame = true, int blendTime = 250, bool restoreTaskOnAnimEnd = false ] )

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Method: ped:setAnimation(...)
Counterpart: getPedAnimation

Required Arguments

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • block: the animation block's name.
  • anim: the name of the animation within the block.
  • time: how long the animation will run for in milliseconds.
  • loop: indicates whether or not the animation will loop.
  • updatePosition: will change the actual coordinates of the ped according to the animation. Use this for e.g. walking animations.
  • interruptable: if set to false other tasks wont be able to interupt the animation. Setting this to 'false' also gives this function more power to override other animations that are running. For example, squatting after a jump can be terminated.
  • freezeLastFrame: if set to true after animation the last frame will be frozen, otherwise the animation will end and controls will return.
  • blendTime: how long the animation will mixed with the previous one in milliseconds.
  • restoreTaskOnAnimEnd: will restore the task which was playing before calling this function. Useful for restoring the crouch task after animation ends.


Returns true if succesful, false otherwise.


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This example creates a ped, rotates him, and makes him walk:

function makePed()
	local thePed = createPed(56, 1, 1, 4, 315)
	setPedAnimation(thePed, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm")
addCommandHandler("makemyped", makePed)
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This example makes the player sit down and stand up using the command /sit.

function toggleSit(thePlayer)
	if not getElementData(thePlayer, "sitting") then
		setPedAnimation(thePlayer, "ped", "seat_down", -1, false, false, false, false)
		setElementData(thePlayer, "sitting", true)
		-- If you use again this command then your character stand up
		removeElementData(thePlayer, "sitting")
addCommandHandler("sit", toggleSit)


Issue ID Description
#9522 Setting a ped's or player's animation whilst occupying a jetpack will remove their jetpack, but not the jetpack sound

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