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This function allows you to change the state of one of the six panels vehicle's can have. When executed on the server-side resources, the damage will be synched for all players, whereas the change is only client-side if the function is used in a client resource.


bool setVehiclePanelState ( vehicle theVehicle, int panelID, int state )

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle you would like to modify the panel of.
  • panelID: 0-6
    • 6: Rear Bumper (0-3)
    • 5: Front Bumper (0-3)
    • 4: Windscreen (0-3)
    • 3: Unknown
    • 2: Unknown
    • 1: Unknown
    • 0: Unknown
  • state: 0-255 (check what range is effective, it may be much smaller e.g. 0-3)


Returns true if the panel state has been updated, false otherwise

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