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With the upcoming release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.0, the older MTA:SA Race mods will become obsolete!

The latest version of MTA:SA features a fully customizable Race mode that includes all of the features of the older MTA:SA Race mods, and many more.

Rather than having a separate mod, Race now exists as a resource in MTA:SA 1.0 that utilizes MTA's powerful game scripting system. What this means is that Race is now fully editable and customizable, allowing any features imaginable to be added and any existing feature to be altered. The latest version of the Race resource is well-polished and includes all of the features that MTA:SA Race fans are used to. For this reason, MTA:SA 1.0 (along with the Race resource) can be considered as a superset of the older versions of MTA:SA Race.

While there are no disadvantages to switching to MTA:SA 1.0, the advantages include a larger player base, unlimited support, and new features. Here are just some of the advantages the new Race mode has to offer:

Guaranteed support

Since the Race mode in MTA:SA 1.0 is a resource, it will never become obsolete! Resources can be developed by any member of the community, allowing endless updates and fixes to be made. New releases of MTA:SA will only expand upon the current scripting functionality, guaranteeing compatibility with all the current features.

Better server

MTA:SA 1.0's server is optimized to use less bandwidth and achieve higher performance than the MTA:SA Race servers, while offering improved stability. It also supports up to 128 players, up from 32 in MTA:SA Race.

Improved vehicle sync

No more jerky cars! Other players' vehicles now move as smoothly as you would expect them to, preventing unexpected collisions caused by vehicle jerkiness. There is also an option to disable vehicle collisions so that players can race without having to worry about bumping into one another.

/Vehicle sync video here/

Add-ons system

The powerful scripting system in MTA:SA 1.0 and the design of the Race mode allow Add-ons to be included in the game. The Add-ons system let's developers create new features for Race that can easily be added or removed by server admins. Some of the current Add-ons include a stylish new on-screen speedometer, a Need For Speed style NOS feature, and a map ratings system.

/Screenshot of race with speedometer/

Map editor

The new map editor allows you to create race maps with ease, while offering many advanced features not present in MTA's old race editor.

Custom models

MTA now fully supports vehicle, as well as object modifications through it's resource system. This means that players download the models the server is using automatically, without having to install anything themselves. Custom object models allow for unique tracks and environments for players to race in, while custom vehicles ensure everyone uses the server's vehicle models.

/Video of Wipeout map/ /Video of custom vehicles/

Backward compatibility

Although *.map files now use a different syntax, it's easy to convert all your old MTA:SA Race maps for full compatibility with MTA:SA 1.0. You can download our official batch converter here.


Here are some of the cool new things you might notice when trying out the Race mode in MTA:SA 1.0:

  • A sleek graphical user interface, new voting system, and custom sounds
  • On-screen arrows that indicate the location of other racers
  • An improved vehicle respawn system - players can now decide when and where they want to start over
  • A new 'Race Wars' mode that allows racing in teams
  • Nauseating new maps where players can drive up-side down and on the walls, courtesy of the new gravity options