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Tools / Programming

MTA:Script Editor - From scripters for scripters. As its name says, it's a script editor with many features that are designed only for creating resources for MTA:SA.

MTA:SA Map Exporter (3DS MAXScript) - Script for 3DS Max to let you generate files required for MTA:SA custom maps.

Meta.xml generator - Easy to use and helps to understand what MTA's meta.xml files are for.


Speedometer - Nice looking digital speedometer. 1st speedometer for MTA. 1 of the top downloaded resource.

Speedometer (with needle) - 1st needle speedometer! (WARNING! May freeze your PC for loading time)

Welcome window - Simple "Welcome" window with a logo at the top. Can be used as "Accept the rules if you want to play"

Bank System - One and the only bank system out there released to public. One of the most downloaded resource!

Show position - Its first objective was to show your current position at the bottom of the screen. Then it evolved. It lets you save coordinates with simple command: "// <comment>"

Got hit! - Have you played FPS games? Have you noticed some on screen effects when you get hit? This script creates the "hit effect" on screen when you get hit. Parts of the screen go red depending on the direction from which you got hit.

Mod Shop - One and the only modification shop for your vehicles. Let you players modify their vehicles like they used to do in Single-Player

Chatbox Ads - Do you want to show ads in chatbox? Do you want to advert your other server? Simply, use this easy to use script.

Anti-Flood/Spam - Have you had problems with chatbox spammers? Use this script and stop them from flooding your chatbox again. Easy to use with a few settings.

Peds!! - Sample ped script. Creates a ped which can follow you. It also gives them health bar which you can disable if you want to.

GUI Library - Creating GUI elements hasn't been easier. Make your scripts clean, easy to read. GUI event handling is much easier.

Need for Speed-like NOS - Did you enjoy the nitro in Need for Speed (hold button to use, release to stop)? Then that's what you are looking for. This script allows you to control how much NOS you use.

Save'n'Load - "Save and Load" - Bookmark your locations and go straight there with just 2 buttons. Ctrl + [0-9] to save your current position. Alt + [0-9] to load previously bookmarked location.

ART (3D modelling) - Find some of my 3D work there.

Youtube - Watch all my videos there.