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This page outlines some of the places Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can be bought and played with MTA:SA (sometimes with an automatic downgrade step).


Not all of the GTA versions listed below have been tested, but all should work correctly. If not, try reinstalling MTA. If that doesn't work, follow these instructions. If that still doesn't work, then please contact us on on the forums, or join the MTA Discord #help-support channel.

The newly announced Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will contain a new release of GTA San Andreas. This game version will not be compatible with MTA:SA (at launch).

Obtaining compatible & used copies

Officially, Rockstar Games and Take-Two have stopped selling the original PC port of GTA San Andreas. In order to obtain it you could look into online flea-markets or private resellers. A prominent example in the EU is ebay.com. By typing in "gta san andreas pc" into the search field you can find plenty of people that still sell the compatible game. Be careful though as buying from untrustworthy resellers such as unknown non-business people does pose risks (for example fake or broken copies).

Retailer Notes Works with MTA:SA?
Steam Specialized Steam version of the game.

MTA installer will make this compatible for you (make sure to install the latest version of MTA after installing the Steam GTA version), but without modifying original game files.

The purchase of the compatible game is unavailable through Steam.

Amazon For the Standard edition of the game, if MTA is incompatible, visit this topic and follow the instructions, or try obtaining a GTA SA 1.00 No CD - any HOODLUM release will function correctly. Unconfirmed (Standard)
Rockstar Games Launcher It is recommended to get GTA:SA straight from the Rockstar Games Launcher application rather than the webshop page.

The purchase of the compatible game is unavailable through the R* Games store.

Windows App Store This is a mobile/Xbox "remastered" version of the game ported to PC. Will never work with MTA. No