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This function is used to edit an attribute of a node in a configuration file.


bool xmlNodeSetAttribute ( xmlnode node, string name, string/float value )             

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: xmlnode:setAttribute(...)
Counterpart: xmlNodeGetAttribute

Required Arguments

  • node: The node of which you wish to edit an attribute.
  • name: The name of the attribute.
  • value: The value which you wish to change the attribute to. (Note: nil will delete the attribute)


Returns true if the attribute was set successfully, false if the node and/or attribute do not exist, or if they're faulty.


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In a gamemode, we want a command to change the marker color in the configuration file and remove a deprecated attribute.


    <markers color="255,100,0" foo="deprecated" />

Lua code:

function changeConfigMarkerColor(thePlayer, command, r, g, b)
    local config = xmlLoadFile("config.xml")
    local markernode = xmlFindChild(config, "markers", 0)
    xmlNodeSetAttribute(markernode, "color", r .. "," .. g .. "," .. b)
    xmlNodeSetAttribute(markernode, "foo", nil) -- remove 'foo' attribute
addCommandHandler("markercolor", changeConfigMarkerColor)

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