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1.5.8 was released on October 11, 2020.

Main Additions / Changes

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These are some statistics since the previous release.

  • This is the 25th 1.x.x release
  • 407 days
  • 1 deprecation
  • 5 announced backwards incompatible changes
  • 41 new functions
  • 68+ bug fixes and changes
  • 465 commits (see comparison)
  • 197 new open GitHub issues (see list)
  • 102 resolved GitHub issues (see list)
  • 108 closed GitHub issues (see list)
  • 46 new open GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 194 merged GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 36 closed GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 39 contributors of which 27 are new (see list)
  • 98+ total contributors (see list)
  • 4 vendor updates

Note: Last update to these statistics was made 964 days ago.


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5 Backwards Incompatible Changes

These changes will take effect in 1.6:

  • callRemote callbacks currently set the error code to nil when there is no error. In 1.6, to be consistent with fetchRemote, the error code reported will be 0. See GitHub #294.
  • Since July 2016 if you provide an invalid string like "randomstring" when a function expects a number, the string will be treated as 0 and raise a script warning. In 1.6 this will be an error. You will still be able to provide strings containing numbers (e.g. "100" and "12.34"), this change only affects invalid strings. See GitHub #1043.
  • When providing a width and height of (0, 0) to createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser you will encounter a script error instead of a warning. The warning was introduced Feb 2019. See GitHub #1069.
  • Some functions expect only unsigned integers (positive numbers), and since Jan 2016 providing negative numbers would be a warning. This will now be an error. See GitHub #1070.
  • Since Aug 2015, we replaced the custom mtalocal:// URL scheme with http://mta/resourceName/blah.html. This mtalocal:// URL scheme will now be removed. See GitHub #1071.

This list is inconclusive and we may introduce more changes later.


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21 New Functions

49 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Added new client setting to toggle external sounds (#834 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix crash when attempting to stream out a sound that's not streamed in (See commit e1b7c73 by sbx320)
  • Fix dxDrawCircle segments argument being wrongly offset by one (#1079 by ApeLsiN4eG)
  • Fix potential crash when moving objects (See commit 90895c2 by botder)
  • Update credits (See commit 39227d7 by qaisjp)
  • Don't apply damage to peds without a game entity (See commit 632130e by botder)
  • Fix doors state with setElementModel (#599 by FileEX)
  • Added CVAR _beta_qc_rightclick_command allowing you to reconnect by right clicking the "Quick Connect" button on the main menu (See commit d1c60675 by qaisjp)
  • Added more data to getPedAnimation (#892 by Dezash)
  • Added missing destroy method to DxFont (#1259 by MegadreamsBE)
  • Increase setPedAnimationSpeed limit (See commit 4c36d37 by qaisjp)
  • Fix "ancient" weapon fire crash (#1109 by saml1er)
  • Fix bitExtract (See commit aa2df39d by ccw808)
  • Fix texture blending (#1098 by StrixG)
  • Added client setting to toggle internet sound streams (#834 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Implement "remember this option" checkbox to NVidia Optimus dialog (#1177 by Lpsd)
  • Fix inability to crouch when player has 1 HP (#1138 by CrosRoad95)
  • Improve trailer sync (#1247 by tederis)
  • Fix driveby for peds (#1290 by Zangomangu)
  • Added "SettingHighDetailPeds" to dxGetStatus (#1384 by Patrick2562)
  • Added feature to remove server from the "Recent" tab in server browser (#1381 by ecastro98)
  • Fix warpPedIntoVehicle failure when there are too many vehicles streamed in (#1431 by saml1er)
  • Fix issue with engineReplaceModel kicking the player out of the vehicle (#1433 by saml1er)
  • Moved exe patching to loader (#1520 by ccw808)
  • Fix various return values when using OOP (e.g: 5110559b, 88379b8d by qaisjp)
  • Fixed incorrect VRAM detection (#1589 by TheNormalnij)
  • Added ability to play sounds from raw data to playSound(3D) (#1234 by Dezash)
  • Allow downloading of files from other resources (#945 by TheNormalnij) - this affects:
  • Added ability to get raw controller analog value (#1165 by Addlibs)
  • Added user agent workaround for YouTube TV (#1243 by qaisjp)
  • Added missing destroy method to DxFont (#1259 by MegadreamsBE)
  • Fix engineReplaceModel memory leak (#1265 by saml1er)
  • Fix vehicle model memory leaks (See commit 46dbbe7 by saml1er)
  • Fix texture memory leak (See commit d5722d5 by saml1er)
  • Enable enter_exit for peds to fix alternative attack (#1295 by Zangomangu)
  • Fix "Select device" hides under other program without MTA icon on a taskbar (See commit 2c5251a by ccw808)
  • Fix primitive colors are always white (#1312 by StrixG)
  • Added analog control sync for accelerate and brake_reverse (#1164 by Addlibs)
  • Fix resetting dummies in vehicles with replaced models (#1059 by forkerer and saml1er)
  • Return vector3 instead of number at ped's target (#1379 by ecastro98)
  • Fix replaced weapon_crouch anim does not play if retainPedState is true (#1414 by saml1er)
  • Fix nametags are interiorless (3df58bd by qaisjp)
  • Remove amx from the installer (See commit 7d4091f by qaisjp)
  • Potential fix for vehicle dummies crash (#1524 by saml1er)
  • Added projectiles support for getElementModel (#1550 by StrixG)
  • Fix getBoundKeys returning a table on empty argument (#1615 by Tete)
  • Fix strange behavior (crashes, flickers, glitches) of Skimmer (#1624 by ccw808)
  • Potential fixes for custom map collision crashes (#1613 by saml1er)
  • Remove client entity check from setPedArmor (#1638 by qaisjp)

3 Vendor Updates

  • Update BASS libraries (#1551 by Dutchman101)
  • Update CEF from 76.1.13+gf19c584 (Chromium 76.0.3809.132) to 85.3.12+g3e94ebf (Chromium 85.0.4183.121) (See commit #1698 by Jusonex and Dutchman101)
  • Update UnRAR from 5.71 to 5.91 (#1606 by patrikjuvonen)


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3 New Functions

10 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Fix iprint to be able to read and output nil arguments properly (#1064 by TheNormalnij)
  • Accept team & table of players in outputChatBox (#1213 by StrixG)
  • Fix /msg command duplicating when sent by Server Console (#1411 by Dezash)
  • Make colshapes cloneable (#1214 by StrixG)
  • Fix double chat messages if player is in team (#1241 by StrixG and Luxy.c)
  • Don't queue a resource restart if resource is stopping (#960 by StrixG)
  • Added support for more map attributes (#263 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix server-client inconsistency for isElementAttached failure return (866506d by qaisjp)
  • Make kickPlayer accept the Console element as responsiblePlayer (#1427 by qaisjp)
  • Fix stack overflow when attaching elements in maps (#1663 by tederis)

1 Vendor Update

  • Update sqlite from 3.31.1 to 3.32.3 (#1561 by patrikjuvonen)

Shared (Client & Server side)

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17 New Functions

1 Deprecation

9 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Added async encodeString/decodeString (#1226 by StrixG)
  • Fix colshape and marker hit detection when attaching (#1327 by Lpsd)
  • Fix driveby aiming being inverted in some cases (#1442 by Zangomangu)
  • Added bIncludeWorldSeaLevel and bIncludeOutsideWorldLevel parameters to setWaterLevel (#1342 by TheNormalnij)
  • Added outputDebugString level 4 to omit certain debug info (#1167 by Addlibs)
  • Fix incorrect hash capitalisation (#1527 by qaisjp)
  • Fix debugscript setting to 0 when using invalid characters (#1602 by Unde-R)
  • Fix privilege escalation (#1627 by ciber96)
  • Increase Lua integer formatting type from long to long long (#1672 by sbx320)

3 Vendor Updates

  • Update curl from 7.68.0 to 7.72.0 (#1562 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Update cryptopp from 8.1.0 to 8.2.0 (#1637 by StrixG)
  • Update json-c from 0.13.1 to 0.15 (#1605 by patrikjuvonen)

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Extra information

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