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Debug sync issues caused by network lag and packet loss

Two commands: fakelag on the client and sfakelag on the server.
Enable the commands by adding <fakelag>1</fakelag> to mtaserver.conf and start the MTA server.

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: The MTA server will not advertise itself to the master server list while the fakelag command is enabled.

Command usage


sfakelag <packet loss> <extra ping> <ping variance> [ <KBPS limit> ]


fakelag <packet loss> <extra ping> <ping variance> [ <KBPS limit> ]
  • packet loss - is in percent. - e.g. A value of 50 will mean 50% of packets will be lost
  • extra ping - is the base ping lag to add in milliseconds. - e.g. A value of 100 will add a 100ms delay on all sent packets
  • ping variance (AKA ping jitter) is the range of ping lag to add in milliseconds. - e.g. A value of 200 will add an extra 0 to 200ms delay on all sent packets
  • KBPS limit - limits the send throughput to the supplied value


fakelag 50 100 200

Means: 50% of sent packets are lost and every packet is delayed from between 100 and 300 ms


Commands require at least server and client version 1.5.3-9.11217
fakelag only affects packets sent by the client
sfakelag only affects packets sent by the server

To enable the sfakelag command from a client, add the following line to the Admin group in acl.xml:

<right name="command.sfakelag" access="true"></right>