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Multi Theft Auto has loads of areas in which you can help us. In turn, we'll be more than happy to help you get started with any ideas you have, help test them and - if they're good enough - release them to the whole community. This page outlines the key areas you could do something in, of course, there are many things we've not thought of, so think outside the box!

Coding for MTA:SA



Web development

  • Work with lil_Toady to add new features and improvements to
  • Create your own system for statistics - using the PHP SDK as a basis. Contact eAi or jbeta for help.


Before you make changes check out: Editing Guidelines and Specific Templates

  • Finish documentation for Incomplete functions - ask in #mta.scripting if you're not sure of something.
  • Add examples to functions & events missing examples - please test them, and again, ask if you need help.
  • Review and verify pages that need checking - make sure highlighted issues are solved before removing pages from the category.
  • Expand the pages that explain MTA core concepts.
  • Write tutorials to help new people.
  • Translate the wiki pages so people from other countries can get started in MTA too.
  • Create documentation for undocumented functions and events Undocumented Items
  • Keep 'changes in' page for the future releases updated.

Quality Assurance

  • Report issues with the mod, make sure to do a search on the already reported issues first.
  • Test and confirm existing reported issues.
  • Use the newest build of MTA to detect and report new bugs, by going to 'Settings', 'Advanced', 'Update build type' and choosing 'Nightly' or get it regularly from here.
  • Any bugs which are related to a scripting function / event, document that bug by adding a warning to the wiki page to save other scripters a lot of time.

Specific tasks

  • Create a fuzzer to check for crashes in our scripting functions.
  • Help develop/fix existing gamemodes. Contact the original author on IRC (or ask a developer) to tell the author so you can work together.
  • The web interface resources (resourcemanager, resourcebrowser and webadmin chiefly) are really only compatible with Firefox. Someone could put in some time to make these work on Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. See eAi for help.


You can donate to MTA:SA here