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OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Note: Use a dot instead of a colon to access class methods
Method: Dxx.on(...)


bool Dxx.on(string eventName, function callbackFunction)

Required Arguments

  • eventName: The name of the event you want to listen for. Possible values are:
    • click
    • destroy
    • change
  • callbackFunction: The function that is called when this event is triggered.
    • responseData - A string containing the remote response or "ERROR" if there was a problem
    • errno - A number containing the error number or zero if there was no error.
  • arguments... - The arguments that were passed into fetchRemote

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local win = Window(700, 400, 1000, 600, "cool window")
local btn = Button(55, 55, 125, 30, "click me")

btn.on("click", function() btn.value = "clicked" end)