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This file stores one of the most important stuff that resource/gamemode/map can load. You'll need to include names of files that you script/gamemode (resource) is going to use in an meta.xml file. Eg. If you want to display an image on the client's screen, the client needs to download the image first. To tell the server that you want to use an image in the script you'll need to include the file's name in the meta.xml file.
If you want to use some settings for the script as a variable you can set them in <settings> tag.

Note: You can try simple Meta.xml generator made by 50p:

Possible tags

Tags in .xml are same as in the . html. meta.xml file has got couple of tags that are required and not required. There are attributes as well.

Possible tags:

  • <info /> Information about this resource, possible parameters include (any arbitrary parameters can be used and read using getResourceInfo):
    • author: The author of this resource
    • version: The version of this resource
    • name: The name of this resource
    • description: A brief description of this resource
    • type: The type of this resource, that can be "gamemode", "script" or "map".
  • <script /> Source code for this resource, possible parameters are:
    • src: The file name of the source code
    • type: The type of source code: "client" or "server"
  • <map /> The map for a gamemode, possible parameters are:
    • src: .map file name (can be path too eg. "maps/")
  • <file /> A client-side file. Generally these are images, .txd, .col, .dff or .xml files. They'll be downloaded by clients when the resources is started (or on join)
    • src: client-side file name (can be path too eg. "images/image.png")
  • <include /> Include resources that this resource will use
    • resource: Resource name that you want to start with this resource
  • <config /> Config file (.xml) can be accessed by resource, possible parameters are:
    • src: The file name of the config file
    • type: The type of the config file: "client" or "server"
  • <export /> This exports functions from this resource, so other resources can use them with call
    • function: The function name
    • http: Can the function be called via HTTP (true/false)
  • <html />
    • src: The filename for the HTTP file (can be a path)
    • default: The html file is one that is shown by default when visiting /resourceName/ on the server. Only one html can be default, the rest are ignored. (true/false)
    • raw: The html file is not parsed by the LUA interpreter and is treated as binary data. Must be used for binary files (images mainly) (true/false)
  • <settings> </settings>


Heres an example of a meta file using some of the tags mentioned:

    <info author="Slothman" type="gamemode" name="Stealth" />
    <config src="help.xml" type="client"/>

    <script src="stealthmain_server.lua" />
    <script src="noiseblip.lua" />
    <script src="mission_timer.lua" />
    <script src="gadgets_server.lua" />
    <script src="gadgets_client.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="stealthmain_client.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="noisebar.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="spycam.lua" type="client"/>

    <file src="riot_shield.txd" />
    <file src="riot_shield.dff" />
    <file src="riot_shield.col" />
    <file src="armor.png" />
    <file src="camera.png" />
    <file src="cloak.png" />
    <file src="goggles.png" />
    <file src="mine.png" />
    <file src="radar.png" />
    <file src="shield.png" />

    <include resource="scoreboard" />
    <include resource="killmessages" />
    <include resource="maplimits" />

         <setting name="roundlimit" value="[6]" /> <!-- round length in minutes -->
	 <setting name="teamdamage" value="[1]" /> <!-- 0 for team protection off, 1 for team protection on -->
	 <setting name="teambalance" value="[1]" /> <!--  difference limit of amount of players between teams -->
	 <setting name="spazammo" value="[25]" /> <!-- ammo amounts -->
	 <setting name="m4ammo" value="[100]" />
	 <setting name="shotgunammo" value="[25]" />
	 <setting name="sniperammo" value="[20]" />
	 <setting name="ak47ammo" value="[120]" />
	 <setting name="rifleammo" value="[40]" />
	 <setting name="deserteagleammo" value="[45]" />
	 <setting name="pistolammo" value="[132]" />
	 <setting name="uziammo" value="[150]" />
	 <setting name="tec9ammo" value="[150]" />
	 <setting name="silencedammo" value="[65]" />
	 <setting name="grenadeammo" value="[4]" />
	 <setting name="satchelammo" value="[4]" />
	 <setting name="teargasammo" value="[4]" />
	 <setting name="molatovammo" value="[4]" />