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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use setPlayerName instead.

This function changes the specified client's name.


bool setClientName ( client theClient, string newName )

Required Arguments

  • theClient: the client that will have its name set.
  • newName: the new name to set for the client.


Returns true if the client's name was changed succesfully, false if invalid arguments are specified.


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This example adds a tag before a player's nickname via a /changetag command

--Define the function for this command (/changetag, as defined below)
--Source = the player that triggered this command
--Command = The command passed into the function (changetag)
--thePlayer = The player argument that you wish to add a tag too
--tag = The tag to add to the players nickname
function tagPlayer( source, command, thePlayer, tag )
	--Attempt to grab the elemennt id for the player from the parsed name.
	local sPlayerElement = getPlayerFromNick(thePlayer)
	--Check to see if the player were changing the tag for exists.
	if (sPlayerElement) then
		--make sure that the element type of thePlayer is acctually pointing to a player element
		if getElementType( sPlayerElement ) == "player" then
			--we store the player's current name,
			local oldName = getClientName( sPlayerElement )
			--append the tag passed to this function before it
			local taggedName = tag .. oldName
			--then set it as his new name
			setClientName( sPlayerElement, taggedName )
			--Tell the player who triggerd the command that the tag has been applied
			outputChatBox ( "Player " .. thePlayer .. "'s tag changed to " .. taggedName, source )
		--Tell the player who triggerd the command that the player could not be found
		outputChatBox ( "Unable to change player tag: Player " .. thePlayer .. " not found", source )
--Add a command handler for either the console or / chat commands
--Example: /changetag <playername> <tag>
addCommandHandler ( "changetag", tagPlayer )

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