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  • callClientFunction » This function allows you to call any clientside function from the server's side.
  • callServerFunction » This function allows you to call any server-side function from the client's side.
  • Check » This function checks if it's arguments are of the right types and calls the error-function if one isn't.
  • doForAllElements » This function can be used to execute a specified function for all elements of a specified type.
  • findRotation » Takes two points and returns the direction from point A to point B.
  • FormatDate » Formats a date on the basis of a format string and returns it.
  • getAge » This function calculates the age of a birthday.
  • IfElse » Returns one of two values based on a boolean expression.
  • math.round » Rounds a number whereas the number of decimals to keep and the method may be set.
  • setVehicleGravityPoint » This clientside function sets a vehicle's gravity in the direction of a 3 dimensional coordinate with the strength specified.
  • string.explode » This function splits a string at a given separator pattern and returns a table with the pieces.
  • table.copy » This function copies a whole table and all the tables in that table.
  • table.map » This function goes through a table and replaces every field with the return of the passed function, where the field's value is passed as first argument and optionally more arguments.
  • var_dump »This function outputs information about one or more variables using outputConsole().
  • iterElements » Returns an iterator for your for loops saving time typing ipairs( getElementsByType( type ) ), instead you type: iterElements( type ).