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Ello Guys im Jason :)

I live in Germany and im born at 1991. My Dream is becoming a NBA Star, here you can see what i wana do in the future.


Now im playing Runescape, when i got no Money on my Bankaccount i use others telephone for paying my Runescape Member Account (7.99 € / PayCall)



  • Getting a well payed Job (y)
  • Getting a Girlfriend (y)
  • Buying a Ford Mustand GT 2005-2009 (n)
  • Selling my Runescape Account for 100 $+ (n)
  • Learning to spell english (n)


  • Finishing a Socket Lualibrary Anticheat System (n)
  • Puting -XIII- in the Top of the Game-Monitor List #1 - On the Way (n)
  • Finishing my own Reallife Resource (n)
  • Writing useful Wikipedia Pages for Mta (y)
  • Finishing my IDE for my Lua Compiler writen in C# (y)
  • Hosting Servers for Mtasa (y)


  • Empty cause i prefer eating bananas instead of creating Resources