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The Effect class represents custom effect elements in the game world such as smoke, sparks, fire etc.

The element type of this class is "effect".

Effects list

There are 82 effects.

--A table containing all effect names.
local effectNames = {
Name Description
blood_heli bloody explosion
boat_prop a surf
camflash small flare
carwashspray steam, as on a carwash
cement cement
cloudfast fast clouds
coke_puff puff of a coke
coke_trail a pouring water
cigarette_smoke a smoke from a cigarette
explosion_barrel explosion and splinters of a box
explosion_crate explosion and splinters of the large box
explosion_door a smoke with sparks
exhale a small smoke
explosion_fuel_car explosion, as from the machine
explosion_large the large explosion
explosion_medium average explosion
explosion_molotov explosion, as from a molotov cocktail
explosion_small small explosion
explosion_tiny very small explosion
extinguisher foam of the fire extinguisher
flame small fire
fire fire
fire_med average fire
fire_large large fire
flamethrower fire of the flamethrower
fire_bike fire, as from a burning motorcycle
fire_car fire, as from the burning machine
gunflash as the bullet from a trunk takes off
gunsmoke a smoke from a gun
insects insects
heli_dust a dust, as from the helicopter
jetpack a jetpacks fire
jetthrust fire from the muffler of the machine, as during use of nitrogen
nitro nitro
molotov_flame fire from a Molotov Cocktail
overheat_car smoke from damaged car
overheat_car_electric wrecked electro-machine
prt_blood spark? maybe meant to be a mini red blood splash
prt_boatsplash foam
prt_bubble bubble
prt_cardebris splinters from a box
prt_collisionsmoke a dense white smoke
prt_glass a crashing glass
prt_gunshell shells
prt_sand sand, which was scattered
prt_sand2 there is less sand, than in previous animation
prt_smokeII_3_expand a grey smoke
prt_smoke_huge there is a lot of grey smoke
prt_spark of a spark
prt_spark_2 the large sparks
prt_splash burst
prt_wake a wave
prt_watersplash sparks
prt_wheeldirt sparks from wheels of the car
petrolcan a jet
puke belch
riot_smoke there is a lot of smoke
spraycan spray
smoke30lit a smoke
smoke30m a rich smoke
smoke50lit more richer smoke
shootlight a light being shot out (used for searchlights), sparks and glass
smoke_flare a light being shot out, sparks and glass, it makes a good firework effect
tank_fire a shot from the tank
teargas gas, as from gas grenade
teargasAD gas, as from small gas grenade
tree_hit_fir leaf falling
tree_hit_palm falling of pair large leafs
vent slowly dissipating a smoke
vent2 practically too most
water_hydrant the large flow of water
water_ripples circles on water
water_speed the large sparks from water
water_splash small sparks from water
water_splash_big average sparks
water_splsh_sml sparks, only them it is not visible almost
water_swim small sparks at navigation
waterfall_end there is a lot of pair
water_fnt_tme the large flow of water
water_fountain water of a fountain
wallbust a disappearing heap pair
WS_factorysmoke smoke

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