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Does this even work? It doesn't look like it does because it will always return false as that timer will execute 3000ms after that function, not inside it. Also did you check if getElementVelocity on the object works? Maybe it does.

--Arran Fortuna 14:11, 7 October 2012 (UTC)

Arran you are partly right about "Does this even work?" it can return true but this only happens when there is movement on the X axis (it still returns false if there is only movement on the Y and or Z axis. Also fyi getElementVelocity() does work on objects because an object is also an element.

Things that should get changed (imo) are:
- isObjectMoving() should be changed to isElementMoving() (because you can use this function all elements not only objects)
- The function should not only check for the movement on the X axis but also on the Y and Z

It would look like this

function isElementMoving(theElement)
	if isElement(theElement)then --First check if the given argument is an element
		local x, y, z = getElementVelocity(theElement) --Get the velocity of the element given in our argument
		if x == 0 and y == 0 and z == 0 then --When there is no movement on X, Y or Z return false because our element is not moving
			return false
			return true

I will change the page later today and also add some sample code!
CR= 11:35, 12 October 2012 (UTC)

It looks like this doesn't even work for objects that are being moved from moveObject.