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This page lists all the dxGUI framework. This will only work with:

This system is created by Skyline. (as known as laserlaser)

dxGUI made creating GUI interacting with users and user-friendly designs.


The installation is pretty simple. All you need to do is copy and paste folder "dxGUI/" into your resource which you want to use script in. Then just copy specified lines from "meta.xml" into your meta.xml. As you know dxGUI is not actually a resource that you can use exported functions of. It just includes all the classes that make scripting GUI cleaner, so that's why you have to copy the directory and include the files which are inside into meta.xml to tell the server/client which files you're using (that is, the classes you want to use).

You can also start dxGUI resource and uncomment some examples which are located in "dxGUIDemo.lua"

Current Version

The dxGUI resource's current version is : 1.3.3

GUI Functions

Template:DxGUI GUIFunctions


Template:DxGUI ButtonFunctions

Check Boxes

Template:DxGUI CheckBoxFunctions

Label class

Template:DxGUI LabelFunctions

Progress Bars

Template:DxGUI ProgressBarFunctions

Radio Buttons

Template:DxGUI RadioButtonFunctions

Static Images

Template:DxGUI StaticImageFunctions


Template:DxGUI WindowFunctions


Template:DxGUI Events