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This function edit's the properties of a specific sound.

شرح الوظيفة

bool setSoundProperties(element sound, float fSampleRate, float fTempo, float fPitch, bool bReverse )

العناصر المطلوبة

  • fSampleRate: A float that defines the new sound's sample rate
  • fTempo: A float that defines the new sound tempo
  • fPitch: A float that defines the new sound pitch
  • bReverse: A boolean representing whether the sound will be reversed or not.


Returns true if the properties sucessfully set, false otherwise.


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function editSongSound()
	local sound = playSound("song.wav", false) -- Play the file 'song.wav' and make it play only once
	setSoundProperties(sound, 48000.0, 128.00, 440.0, false) -- Set its samplerate to 48,000 Hz, tempo to 128.00, pitch to 440 Hz and not reversed
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, editSongSound) -- Execute the function when the resource is started

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