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Car-killers is a term given to people who choose to consistently kill by hitting other players with their cars. It is generally frowned upon by the more elite members of the community and generally attributed to newer players. Some servers went so far as to ban people who car kill.

Car killing really became a problem when MTA 0.4 was released because GTA3 support was reintroduced. In GTA3, car hits are instant kills whereas in they are not in Vice City, giving the victim an opportunity to escape death.

This caused many discussions on the forum about how to deal with the "problem". Some people suggested that it was not a problem, as the game was called Grand Theft Auto after all, and players should be free to choose how to perform their kills. They claimed that players should learn to spot would-be car killers on their radar.

Others disagreed, saying that it was too easy to car kill people and that there was no skill involved. They claimed it was frustrating to have a long fight with someone and be close to killing them when someone appears out of nowhere and runs you over.

There was controversy when the most popular server, the Partyserver, introduced a no car-killing rule. Many people stopped playing GTA3 and went back to Vice City. This rule was later revoked but GTA3 is still not nearly as popular as Vice City.


The Car Kill: An Editorial by Jordan Liles
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