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The MTA 0.x External Server Browser was a replacement to the long-defunct All Seeing Eye (ASE) built-in browser for Multi Theft Auto 0.5, and had been extended to work with earlier versions, as well. It was a modification of Mabako's External Server Browser made by Towncivilian and Adamix that would display a list of all Multi Theft Auto 0.x servers based on an older iteration of Game-Monitor's results, and included a small MTAClient launcher with the selected server address and nickname filled in. Unfortunately due to the sale of Game-Monitor to another company, support was dropped for Multi Theft Auto by Game-Monitor, and much of the online service itself completely broke, resulting in all versions of the External Server Browser to no longer work.

Known Issues

Issue: When running Windows Vista or 7, you are unable to connect to a server in MTAClient after pressing "Connect" in MTABrowser.
Solution: Run MTABrowser as an Administrator (right click -> "Run as administrator").

Issue: Spamming the "Refresh" button may cause the server list to appear twice in its entirety (screenshot) (does not affect Linux version)
Solution: Avoid spamming the button.
Notice: This will possibly be fixed in a future release.


1.1.1 (2010-08-02)

- Fixed the issue where navigating the server list using arrow keys or clicking again on an already selected server in the list does not refresh the player list.

1.1 (2010-07-30)

- Fixed a couple of bugs.
- Added an application icon.


Download link: mtabrowser111.zip
Alternate download for Linux versions (does not include MTA Client launcher): mta05_server_linux_patch1_hotfix.tar.gz

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