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Returns the total size in bytes of the given file.


int fileGetSize ( file theFile )

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Method: file:getSize(...)
Variable: .size

Required Arguments

  • theFile: the file handle you wish to get the size of.


Returns the file size if successful, or false if an error occured (e.g. an invalid file handle was passed).


local newFile = fileCreate("test.txt")                -- attempt to create a new file
if (newFile) then                                       -- check if the creation succeeded
	fileWrite(newFile, "This is a test file!")        -- write a text line
	local size = fileGetSize(newFile)              -- get size
	if size then
		outputChatBox("Size of test.txt is: "..size, source) -- output size
	fileClose(newFile)                                -- close the file once you're done with it

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