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This function will check if a player is pressing a particular control. Controls are those that affect GTA. If you wish to get the state of another key, use bindKey and a command function.

Note: Not all control states are sent to the server at all times, as such their state may be given incorrectly. As a rule, keys that move or affect the player or their vehicle are most likely to be accurate. For increased accuracy (and also increased bandwidth usage) use bindKey instead to bind a GTA control name to a function.


bool getControlState ( player thePlayer, string controlName )

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you wish to get the control state of. Do not use this parameter when scripting for client.
  • controlName: The control that you want to get the state of. See control names for a list of possible controls.

Note: several controls are not synched with the server, therefore the function will always return false for these controls serverside. These controls are:

  • next_weapon
  • previous_weapon
  • jump
  • zoom_in
  • zoom_out
  • look_behind
  • change_camera
  • conversation_yes
  • conversation_no
  • group_control_forwards
  • group_control_back
  • sub_mission
  • radio_next
  • radio_previous
  • vehicle_look_left
  • vehicle_look_right
  • vehicle_look_behind
  • vehicle_mouse_look
  • special_control_*


Returns the state of the control, false if the control doesn't exist or if the player is dead.


This example starts a repeating check when a player spawns, if a player presses the fire key, they'll be killed.

function onPlayerSpawn ( theSpawnpoint )
    killPlayerIfTheyPressThisKey ( source, "fire" ) -- start a repeating check
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", root, onPlayerSpawn )

function killPlayerIfTheyPressThisKey ( thePlayer, key )
    if ( getControlState ( thePlayer, key ) ) then        -- if they're pressing the fire key
        outputChatBox ( "Violence will not be tolerated!", thePlayer )
        killPed ( thePlayer )                          -- kill them
    else                                                  -- otherwise..
        setTimer ( killPlayerIfTheyPressThisKey, 500, 1, thePlayer, key ) -- call this function again in 500ms


Version Description
1.5.5-3.11427 Deprecated client-side. Use setPedControlState and getPedControlState client-side.

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