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This function returns information about the specified module.


table getModuleInfo ( string moduleName )

Required Arguments

  • moduleName: A string containing the module you wish to get information of e.g. "hashing.dll"


Returns a table containing information about module. These keys are present in the table:

  • version: Module version in format X.XX
  • name: Module name
  • author: Module author

If invalid name for module is passed, it will return false.


This example adds a command checkmodules with which you can view information about currently loaded modules.

function printModuleInfo ( thePlayer )
    local modules = getLoadedModules()
    if #modules == 0 then
        return outputConsole ( "There are no modules loaded!", thePlayer ) -- Return as no module is loaded, the for has nothing todo

    for k, v in ipairs ( modules ) do
        local moduleInfo = getModuleInfo ( v )
        outputConsole ( .. "(" .. v .. ") v" .. moduleInfo.version .. ", author: " .., thePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "checkmodules", printModuleInfo )

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